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McWhinney Temporarily Withdraws Major Amendment That Would Impact Thirteen Percent of Loveland

Local Representatives and Candidates Respond

By Jessica Schneider 


The Loveland Voice 

September 27, 2023 

Today, McWhinney Real Estate Services withdrew their application of the 12th Major Amendment to the Millennium Global Development Project (Millennium GDP).

Unfortunately, the amendment language has been removed from the City of Loveland’s website since the withdrawal occurred this afternoon, so we are unable to provide a link.


Residents gathered before the City Council meeting on September 19th to protest the potential approval of the amendment. According to video of the meeting, and reports from residents, nearly 130 people gathered to provide public comment. However, the agenda item was placed towards the end of the agenda and many people left the meeting before they could provide public comment after 10:15 p.m.

Several local leaders and candidates have reached out to The Loveland Voice this evening to provide comment on this surprising change:

Mayor Jacki Marsh, who is currently running for her fourth term as Mayor: 

“I’m pleased that the Amendment 12 application was withdrawn. However, I do have a concern that it was a political move. I hope that I am wrong.”

Troy Krenning, who has served on Council and is currently running for Council in Ward 1, provided this statement on his Facebook page:

I am appreciative that the McWhinney’s have recognized the public’s concern surrounding the Millennium GDP amendment and have withdrawn the application. It would have been irresponsible for the current council to have ramrodded another half baked plan through approval without considering the public’s pushback and concerns. The current City Council majority has demonstrated that they prioritize development over the impacts to the community. 

Before the City Council launches head first into more development they should listen to citizens and work collaboratively to solve the disaster we now have with traffic and environmental concerns. It is time for Loveland to have a city council that listens to the voices of citizens and works together on making Loveland a better place, not just a bigger place.”

Rob Molloy, a former mayoral candidate who served as Councilman for Ward 1, shared this statement:

“I understand that the law firm in charge of presenting and possibly writing the amendments to the Millenium GDP has been pulled to further modify them for possible future submission. The items they are modifying are zoning standards that, as far as I have experienced, cannot be found within any other government entity within this state. 

I am referring to the opportunity they were proposing to basically allow a land use or essentially a zoning change with the strike of a pen. I believe this will come back to the city if they feel they can get support from the city council like the feel everyone got from the current council. Thank goodness for them they won't have another strike against them during the final election days (my opinion). 

The fact that the city planning department, led by our director of development services, was in full support of this item shows the lack of care for or understanding of what possible effects this could have had on our City’s Comprehensive Plan. In my opinion, this was clearly a neglect of duty.  

To me, this would be strike three against the McWhinney group. Our city fully supported their development when they brought it to us 20 years ago and although it never met its financial projections for our city it did provide some nice office, retail and housing developments. 

Most developers become stewards of their developments like they were with the environmental center with the intent to make the lives of the people who supported, bought, and live within their developments better. Everything that was brought to the city by the McWhinney's over the past 5 months is disruptive to the quality of life these people have invested in and this is strongly recognized by these residents. 

In my opinion, McWhinney has failed to look to the future of their existing developments but instead were and are proposing more problems. I am glad to see that more and more people are starting to recognize this and hope they continue to show concern, not only with what is happening in their backyards but essentially what is happening to the city as a whole.”

Kat McManus, Candidate for Ward 2 in Loveland, shared her thoughts as well:

“As we have learned, the McWhinney’s always have another move. The question is, when? Before or after the November 7th election? 

When candidates spoke at the Chamber of Commerce Forum on Monday, McWhinney representatives sat in the audience, learning their next move to continue to wield power over Loveland.

Now we understand that when the community speaks, they pull back. We have to keep showing up! This is not their last move. They have a lot to risk in this election. If we don’t flip Council, they will continue to win, at the people’s expense. Enough already.”

The Loveland Voice will continue to cover issues related to The Millennium GDP and many others as we approach the November 7th election.


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