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Editorial Policy

The Loveland Voice is a community initiative, led by women, with a sharp focus on truth and transparency, to create a new source of information for Loveland’s residents.
As a volunteer organization, and generally, we retain the right to choose what content to produce and distribute.

We are frequently asked to cover additional issues, interview additional sources and provide different perspectives.

When these questions arise, we ask ourselves the following questions:
  • Do we have the capacity to cover this information adequately and in a manner that is useful to our community?

  • Is this new information or a different perspective on current issues that is not currently being highlighted in our community?

  • Is this information coming from a voice or perspective that has not been heard?

  • Is the source of information open to difficult questions?

  • Is the source of information helpful to residents?

  • Is this information coming from a source that has a personal or corporate interest, or that has more power than the average resident?

  • Has this source of information conducted due diligence to inform their opinion independently, and are they sharing it for the benefit of the community?

At no time is The Loveland Voice obligated to cover all sides of an issue, or to invest our time into sources or subjects that we see little to no value in covering for the benefit of the community.


The Loveland Voice focuses less on breaking news and information, understanding that other media partners, colleagues and outlets are focused on breaking news. Instead, The Loveland Voice provides in-depth information on a rolling basis. 


We play well with other sources of information to the best of our ability and welcome their sharing of our content as long as The Loveland Voice is clearly attributed.

Our Values

Ethical investigation of issues that matter to Loveland residents.

We are honest and transparent in our reporting and publish corrections by updating existing stories when we learn more.

We thank our supporters privately and publicly (depending on their preference) and give credit to our volunteers and in-kind contributors for their work.

Sharing Requirements

All of our content is protected by copyright. 


On online platforms and social media sites, we require that all content from The Loveland Voice be tagged (@thelovelandvoice). Such content includes stories, videos, and audio. All content from The Loveland Voice must be shared in its entirety, not edited or remixed.


The Loveland Voice may share content from other news sources with written permission and/or attribution to the source (if the information is publicly available).


Contributors retain copyright to their content and may use it however they wish outside of publication in The Loveland Voice. Contributors agree to share copyright with The Loveland Voice for the content they submit, only, in perpetuity, solely for use by The Loveland Voice (no other use). Contributors understand that there is no financial compensation for their contribution unless agreed upon in writing.

Types of Content and Requirements

  • Contributor Opinion: All external opinion pieces will be clearly labeled and include the author's name, date, and byline.

  • Editorial Opinion: This includes content from The Loveland Voice editors, and may contain opinions along with verifiable sources and facts.

  • Interviews: All interviews are understood to include the opinion of the subject and at times, the interviewer. However, the interviewer should limit offering opinions beyond justification of the purpose of the question they are posing.

  • Columns and Opinions (Outside of Editorials): All column and opinion pieces outside of editorials must include a byline, date and the author's name (unless anonymity is requested and granted) and affiliation.

    • Anonymous authorship is an option for authors who feel that publishing their opinions may cause retaliation and undue hardship. 

    • The Loveland Voice reserves the right to protect sources on a case-by-case basis and will never reveal a source once a condition of anonymity has been decided and clearly communicated to the author who wishes to remain anonymous.

  • Essays: We welcome the submission of essays for publication. 

    • The Loveland Voice retains the right to choose which essays are selected for publication.

    • ​​The Loveland Voice may reach out to submitting authors to further develop their submitted work.

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