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Interview with LURA Board Member Steve Johnson by The Loveland Voice

Interview with LURA Board Member Steve Johnson by The Loveland Voice

00:00 Introduction 01:54 What is your position on the new LURA board? 04:25 PROs and CONs of URAs/TIFs 07:45 What is the difference between attainable and affordable housing? 09:12 Back to PROs and CONs of URAs/TIFs 13:25 What considerations does the LURA board need to consider when evaluating the South Centerra proposal? 16:18 Why does there seem to be a one sided hard sell for the proposed URA; what are the downsides? 22:46 How does the South Centerra proposed URA plan affect local school backfill revenue? 29:48 How does the proposed new URA plan align with state statutes? 35:53 What legal rights do citizens have with regard to influencing the decision to approve this URA plan? 39:01 What do people need to know that they might not know right now? It's been a wild few weeks in Loveland and Larimer County politics! The Loveland Voice spoke with Representative and former County Commissioner Steve Johnson, member of the LURA Board, on Wednesday April 19th, to learn more about his experience and perspective on the pros and cons of the use of Urban Renewal Authority (URA) and Tax Increment Financing (TIF) in Larimer County. This is a really informative interview as we draw closer to a conclusion regarding the proposed Centerra South development. Please watch and share! Follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram @thelovelandvoice! If this content was useful to you, please consider becoming a Patron on Patreon, or sending a one time donation via Venmo to @yourstorymediallc

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