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Support The Loveland Voice

When you donate to the Loveland Voice, you’re supporting a more engaged and empowered public.

We are entirely community-funded by readers like you, and every dollar goes towards supporting local journalism. 


Without independent, local journalism, corporations and our elected officials have sometimes made decisions that are not representative of the public's voices, needs and desires. Your donations help keep our elected officials honest and accountable to the people they serve (that’s you!) View our editorial policy for more information.

We at The Loveland Voice promise to go the extra mile to get to the truth. We’ll report big decisions made by the Loveland City Council and how dark money influences local elections and projects. We won’t just report on what’s happening, we’ll find out why things are happening, and what you can do to ensure your voice is heard.


We believe that community is everything. We love Loveland and are proud to bring you the stories that matter. We can’t do this work without you.

How can I help?

We are so glad you asked!


The two best ways to help are by subscribing to our Patreon or Substack! By donating monthly, you help give us a consistent source of financial support, which allows us to plan ahead and focus on providing quality local journalism to our audience.

Subscribing to our Substack, Behind the Voice, starts at $10/month. Your subscription gets you access to weekly updates on what we are covering and why!

Our Patreon subscriptions start at just $5/month. By subscribing, you can access perks like participating in our Discord channel to connect with us and other readers! Our Patreon subscribers over $10/month are automatically added as free subscribers to Behind The Voice.

If you prefer to make a one-time donation, please send it to @thelovelandvoice on Venmo or pay with credit card on Stripe!

What will the money be used for?

Current Expenses:


Our in-depth news stories, on average, require 35 hours of work (a combination of research, interviews, investigation, fact-checking, editing, revision, publishing, sharing, and responding to questions and corrections). Most of the money currently goes towards supporting our local journalists.

Your support also keeps our website up and running, offsets the cost of video and image editing software, cloud storage of documents, and to be really clear about it… Your donations keep the lights on so we can work! Every dollar, or share, if you don’t have dollars today (we get it) is important and valued.

Future Growth:

As TLV grows, we hope to expand the reach of our coverage.

This includes:

  • ​Increasing our capacity for providing exclusive news stories

  • Pursuing more story tips sent in by our readers

  • Hiring a Spanish-speaking reporter

  • Updating our merch store (currently under construction)

  • Upgrading our website to remove Wix branding

  • Adding more accessibility features to our website

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