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Councilor Krenning to City Manager and City Attorney: Resign or Face Termination

Jessica Schneider, Editor

The Loveland Voice

November 16, 2023

This is an excerpt of the email sent to City Council and City Manager Steve Adams, and shared with local media

In an email sent to City Manager Steve Adams and City Council early Thursday morning, newly elected City Councilor Troy Krenning, alerted Council and Adams that he intends to motion to terminate his employment with the City, as well as City Attorney Moses Garcia.

The Criminal Case Against Adams

Manager Adams was charged with criminal harassment of investigative journalist Stacy Lynne inside the Larimer County Justice Center on March 29, 2022. As a result, a court ordered him to participate in anger management and perform community service.

In 2022, in interview with KDVR, Mayor Jacki Marsh said she intended to make a motion to place Adams on Administrative leave, in accordance with city policy. Marsh ultimately did not have the votes required to enact the policy.

“The city manager is the most powerful person in the city. We are a strong city manager, so it’s a weak-mayor government. We act as a body of nine people, and the city manager has a lot of clout.”

Lynne recently posted an update about the case on her Facebook page, which shows a Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) request revealed that Loveland did not follow its own policy that should have required a third party investigation into the incident. To date, no investigation has occurred. Adams was never placed on paid or unpaid administrative leave. In January 2023, Adams’ pay was increased by six percent, from $217,587 to $230,624.

On November 7th, Jacki Marsh was reelected to her fourth term as Loveland’s Mayor. Loveland voters also elected Krenning, Erin Black and Laura Light-Kovacs in Wards 1, 3 and 4, respectively. Several new Councilors have indicated that they intend to push for signifigant changes in the coming months. Krenning is expected to make motions at the next City Council meeting on Tuesday, November 21.

The Loveland Voice will continue to update this article as we learn more information.

Editor’s Note: Jessica Schneider served on the Ad Hoc Community Trust Commission until June, 2022, when I resigned in protest over Council’s inaction regarding the charges against Manager Adams. 


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